Portugal and Denmark Multistakeholders Co-Creation Retreat

The HealthEConnect project places a clear emphasis on co-creation due to its power to harness the collective intelligence and creativity of stakeholders. In this way, the project consortium aims to define a better, customer-focused educational offer, while fostering a culture of collaboration and innovation.

Following this creative spirit, HealthEConnect held a highly productive co-creation retreat online session on July 31st. This session brought together stakeholders from both Denmark and Portugal to present and gather feedback on the educational offer pilot on Healthcare Innovation being developed by HealthEConnect. The insights and perspectives shared during the session were invaluable, with participants emphasizing the importance of including clinical immersion sessions and mentorship/co-creation opportunities throughout the pilot, among other suggestions.

The session included a moment of collaborative work, where participants have been asked to brainstorm on:

  • Essential best practices for the pilot success;
  • Suggestions on how to enrich the pilot’s blueprint;
  • The role of ecosystem members in supporting the pilot’s implementation.

Overall, the participants highlighted the interactive, interdisciplinary, and immersive nature of the proposed pilot, praising its comprehensive coverage of the entrepreneurial journey. To further enhance its impact, participants underscored the importance of integrating further health-specific lectures on the pilot.

Regarding involvement in the pilot, several participants expressed eagerness to take on mentoring and advisory roles, providing valuable guidance and support to students within the ecosystem. Furthermore, some stakeholders offered to forge connections with relevant industry networks and startups, creating opportunities for students to explore and engage with the broader health tech and biotech community. HealthEConnect partners will now feed the relevant feedback into the Healthcare Innovation pilot outline.