Health Innovation Course: From Ideas to Impact

In an ever-evolving field where new technologies and innovations are constantly emerging, it’s imperative for medical students and doctors to stay updated of the latest developments. They must not only understand the modern clinical innovation landscape, but also know how to integrate clinician and patient innovations into medical practice.

From September 13th to September 15th, NOVA Medical School – Faculdade de Ciências Médicas hosted the course “Health Innovation: From Ideas to Impact: as Health Professionals, patients, and caregivers contribute to technology advances in Health”. This initiative was a collaborative effort by NOVA Medical School – Faculdade de Ciências MédicasNova School of Business and Economics, Patient Innovation, and powered by HealthEConnect and the European Commission.

The course brought together a prestigious lineup of speakers, representing various facets of the healthtech community, including academia, non-profit organisations, and the startup world. Over the three day-course, participants gained in-depth understanding of modern clinical innovation, exploring case studies of successful innovations such as medical devices, software platforms, and drug therapies. Moreover, participants learned to navigate the challenges facing clinicians and patients when adopting new technologies and discovered effective strategies to overcome these obstacles.  

The diversity of the audience was striking, including medical students, clinical doctors, healthcare workers, health tech innovators, entrepreneurs, and faculty members. Notably, more than 20 Master students from the Impact Entrepreneurship and Innovation MSc program from Nova School of Business and Economics participated in the event. The culmination of the course featured a showcase of several healthcare innovations to inspire and motivate the participants to innovate in their personal and professional environments.