Lisbon Regional Health Community Focus Group

HealthEConnect´s objective is to strengthen the cooperation between two innovation ecosystems: the healthtech innovation ecosystem of the Lisbon and Vale de Tejo region in Portugal, and the healthtech innovation ecosystem of Hovedstaden in Denmark, to support the rise and growth of next-generation healthtech companies through a co-designed, user-centered and entrepreneurial-driven healthtech innovation and entrepreneurship educational offer launched in Lisbon and platforms to sustain long-term collaboration links between ecosystem members.

The program will capitalize primarily on the best practices of the Copenhagen region healthtech private sector and their collaboration with educational institutions in raising future entrepreneurs and innovators, as well as best practices from other European regions. A preliminary identification of best practices was laid out in a Compendium of Best Practices on private sector enabled entrepreneurial competence development, which summarized the most relevant features of 23 educational offers in and outside Europe, with a strong emphasis on Denmark and the Copenhagen innovation hub.

These pre-selected best practices were subject to scrutiny and prioritization on a focus group session in Lisbon with regional health community representatives. The selection of the most interesting cases will be investigated further, resulting in up to 5 exploratory cases studies. Exploratory cases will delve into the details of the cooperation models, revealing their bits and pieces. This deep examination will aim to get an understanding of the selected practices in their regional/local ecosystems context and “from seed to fruit”, shedding also light on their and the program providers´ interconnectedness with key ecosystem players.

The following best practices will be further developed as exploratory case studies:

  • CBS Master’s in Business Administration & Innovation in Healthcare (Denmark)
  • Patient Innovation Bootcamp Boosting Patient Entrepreneurship (Portugal)
  • BII Summer School – Innovation & Commercialization of your Life Sciences Project (Denmark)
  • Novo Nordisk Foundation Paid Fellowship Program for Biomedical Design (Denmark)
  • KTH Master’s in Innovative Technology for Healthy Living (Sweden)

The best practices already identified and the exploratory cases to be developed will feed the co-creation design process of the healthtech innovation and entrepreneurship educational offer to be launched at Nova SBE with the collaboration of Nova Medical School and will boost healthtech entrepreneurship in the Lisbon and Vale do Tejo region and push the launch of leading-edge health tech innovations and their worldwide scale-up.