The Health Innovation specialization track has started

After one semester at Nova SBE, the HealthEConnect pilot within NOVA SBE’s MSc in Impact Entrepreneurship and Innovation (MIEI) moves one day a week to Nova Medical School (NMS), marking an exciting milestone for students and organizers.  

On 8th February, MIEI students embarked on their journey at NMS where they will attend Medicine 4.0, life-cycle nutrition, and elderly care, as part of the healthcare portfolio. The enthusiasm among students as they delve into the specialization in Health Innovation and Entrepreneurship is palpable, signalling a promising start to this initiative. 

Indeed, in this 1st edition of Health Innovation and Entrepreneurship program, out of 138 MIEI students, 19 from 7 different countries have chosen to dive into core healthcare subjects at NMS and are set to pioneer the specialization. 

The high number of enrolments for the program and the diverse nationalities of the enrolled students reflect global enthusiasm for health innovation among MIEI students and beyond. This outcome surpasses our expectations, emphasizing the importance of broadening program portfolios through a multidisciplinary approach across universities!